Camera background video recorder

Camera background video recorder is a video recording app when the screen is off for Android.


Camera Background Video Recorder can be turned off screen or lock screen when recording video.

Examples of some features of the application:

  • Turn off the screen to save battery power (record background video)
  • Easy to move when traveling, you can put it in your pocket.
  • Support zoom.
  • Floating preview.
  • Rotate the camera.
  • Night mode.
  • Timer.
  • Audio options: stereo or mono.
  • Support saving video on SD card.
  • Support managing and cutting videos.

App need allow permission :

  • Camera : to use camera.
  • Microphone : to use microphone.
  • Storage: to use storage save video.
  • Allow Display over other apps.
  • Internet permission: The application uses the internet to show advertisement. Advertisement will help developers earn more revenue

Instructions for setting permissions:

Intro photo:

Download: Camera Background Video Record