CameraBR: camera background record when offscreen –

Camera background can be turned off screen when recording video:
✬ Turn off the monitor to save battery power.
✬ Easy to move when traveling, you can put it in your pocket.
✬ Support managing and cutting videos.
✬ Support saving video on sd card.
✬ Floating interface.

☛ Guide:

App need allow permission :

❀ Camera : to use camera.

❀ Microphone : to use microphone.

❀ Storage: to use storage save video.

❀ Allow Display over other apps.

❀ Internet permission: The application uses the internet to show advertisement. Advertisement will help developers earn more revenue

In case of failure to install permission :Display over other apps ☛ Watch the video below



☛Press the button start to start record video.

☛ Press button Stop : Stop record video.

❀ You can press the power button to turn off the screen.

❀ You can press the home button to working other (Example: record video and read news).



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